Cholakov-Gongalov Architects‘ team features highly qualified professionals in the area of architectural and interior design. We work also with a full group of external experts with long experience in their line of specialty, necessary for executing extensive architectural, interior design or landscape design projects.
Based on the various requirements of different clients, we offer several service plans, regarding interior and architectural projects.

Service plans for Interior design:

  • Economy: Design of the spaces/rooms: basic floor plan with furnishings + sketches
  • Visual: Economy plan services + 3D modeling and realistic renderings of the spaces
  • Standard: Visual plan services + Drawings (floorings, ceiling plans, wall sections, details if needed, etc.)
  • Full: Standard plan services + Design-book (list with all used materials and furnishings with contacts of suppliers, links, etc.)

Service-plans for Architectural design:

  • Research: Research and master plan ideas. Basic fuctional areas. Rough shape renderings.
  • Preliminary design: Research plan services + floorplans, sections, exterior design, detailed 3D modeling and realistic renderings.
  • Standard project: Preliminary design plan services + Drawings (elevations, floorplans, roof plan, sections, details if needed etc.)
  • Exterior design: Design of the exterior of the building, landscape design, sketches, 3D modeling and renderings. Drawings can be provided if needed. Floorplans and sections provided by the client.

Prices for the different service plans will be formed by inquiries, since they can vary depending on the requirements of the client regarding the design type and the detail level of the spaces/buildings.